Presenting & Storytelling

Many many people are afraid of heights. Almost as many are fearful of presenting or public speaking. Some people are naturals at getting up in front of an audience and keeping everyone engaged. Others are good, but will benefit from some fine tuning. And there are plenty of people who have to speak as part of their job – but need some professional help to hit the right notes. Whatever level you think you’re at – you can learn specific techniques to be more compelling as a presenter.


In my Presenting & Storytelling sessions (either in groups – or one-to-one coaching), you will learn to:


  • Break your talk down into key, easy to remember components
  • Use cue cards effectively, with minimum information which prompts your memory at each key stage
  • Build a narrative using effective signposting, so your audience knows what to expect and when
  • Create a sense of expectation and suspense from the outset
  • Get subconscious ‘permission’ to speak when addressing an audience
  • Use TV and radio techniques to engage people and ‘hold the room’
  • Use non-verbal (body language) devices to command the room and maximise your presence
  • Employ your face, eyes and intonation to deepen your impact
  • Thread persuasive language devices throughout your presentation to influence audiences at a deeper level
  • Use TV reporting techniques when employing slides and visuals so that they ‘play off’ what you say, complement your message – and never detract from your words
  • Use collaborative language so that you are ‘sharing’ your presentation rather than ‘telling’ your audience
  • Speak to camera using established principles in TV presentation and reporting


If you’re happy with your presentation skills but just don’t have the time – or the inclination – to write your material, please get in touch for details of my speechwriting package.


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