Assertiveness at Work

Assertiveness is often confused with being bossy or demanding. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. My definition of assertiveness is this: it’s about getting your point across authentically in order to get your desired result. It is absolutely not about being overly dominant, deliberately confrontational or unnecessarily authoritarian.


Book in for one of my Assertiveness at Work sessions and learn how to:


  • Signpost what you’re about to say for maximum impact
  • ‘Get permission’ at a subconscious level to speak without interruption
  • Command attention before you speak
  • Use your language and intonation to be assertive in a respectful manner
  • Issue ‘soft’ commands which  get results
  • Handle objections whilst still making the point you want to make
  • Gain commitment from others


Taking part in an industry debate? Could you do with learning some broadcasting skills to help you get your points across with more impact?

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