About Me

I have a rare blend of skills and experience, which means that what I am able to deliver to my clients is unique. Most coaches and consultants have backgrounds and skills in one or two main areas. My expertise is drawn from three:


More than ten years as a consultant and coach, assisting clients with strategy, communications and professional development. I facilitate strategy awaydays, run training workshops and provide professional and executive one-to-one coaching – drawing on a range of disciplines, including NLP and heuristics

More than two decades immersed at a senior level in the powerful storytelling and advanced communication skills of network-level broadcast journalism – both at the BBC and in the commercial sector

I took a full year out to research and co-write You Need This Book To Get What You Want (Simon & Schuster, 2010) – a globally published and widely translated guide to strategic & resourceful thinking, decision making, personal development, influence and persuasion. 


Using a blend of the above, I am able to deliver lasting results for my clients – quickly.

I appear on TV and radio as an expert commentator on human behaviour and communication – and I appear as a guest speaker on those subjects at corporate events.

I am a former in-house executive coach at the BBC – and a former editor of the award winning Breakfast Programme on BBC Radio 5 Live, presented by Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden. From there, I was hired by BBC Current Affairs to improve on-air storytelling, communication and team dynamics on The One Show. I have worked in senior positions on BBC documentaries, both on TV and radio, and I was also Director of Programmes on London’s award winning talk radio station, LBC, where I was responsible for launching the Nick Ferrari Breakfast show and James O’Brien in the morning.

I have worked with and developed some of the UK’s best known storytellers, helping them to hone their communication skills to help them become the first class narrators they are today.

Using my knowledge of strategic coaching modelsbroadcasting and persuasive communication, I have coached, developed and worked with senior business leaders to help them identify their vision, formulate their strategy – and communicate these with impact, using the very same broadcasting and storytelling skills as those at the very top of their game on the airwaves.

I am a qualified  NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer with many years of experience using the psychology of resourceful thinking, influence and persuasion to maximise my clients’ performance when developing their strategy, making key decisions, speaking in public, influencing meetings or pitching for business. In every session I deliver, I work on the principle of show and tell. That means I demonstrate the techniques that I share with you in real time so that you can learn new skills quickly and easily.


For details of specialist media and communications consultancy services, please also see my LinkedIn page.