Building Narratives from Data

Most companies rely on data enormously now that it’s more available than ever before. No longer do we have to guess what markets may like or what consumers may go for – or how people live their lives. We know – because data tells us. But problems can arise as a result of this too. Data professionals can speak to other data professionals with ease. They speak the same language. But when it comes to speaking to other people – and these people are often the stakeholders who need to be influenced by the very data we’re talking about – it’s time to change your language.


In my From Data – to Narrator session, teams learn to:


  • ‘Translate’ digital and data language into sensory, emotive and compelling speech
  • Employ basic presentation and storytelling skills to bring data alive
  • Tell engaging stories that emerge from data-led findings
  • Explain data and digital principles in language that other not only understand but will buy into at more than just a logical level
  • Build trust and understanding among both internal and external stakeholders to ensure messages are delivered effectively rather than ‘blinding people with science’


Meetings can be tough – especially if they’re dominated by a handful of strong characters.

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