Terms & Conditions

All training, coaching and consultancy sessions are run by Scott Solder. All material used in training, coaching and consultancy sessions remains the sole intellectual property of Scott Solder. Any reproduction or publication without appropriate attribution is strictly prohibited unless accompanied by his express written authority.

All training, coaching and consultancy sessions are carried out in good faith and the content of all one-to-one coaching sessions is confidential. Scott Solder and Barons Communications Ltd agree to treat all clients with due discretion apart from where a legal duty of disclosure arises.

Travel and accommodation costs are charged for bookings outside the M25 and outside the UK. Business Class tickets are required for flights of more than 4 hours in duration.

Cancellation policy: All appointments can be postponed or rescheduled at no extra charge on condition that reasonable notice is given. Reasonable notice is deemed to be more than 48 hours before the due start time. Any non-refundable travel or accommodation fees in these circumstances will be payable by the client.

Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the due start time incur full fee unless otherwise agreed in advance.