The Language of Leaders

Leadership is – quite rightly – a big subject. Good leadership is about bringing people with you when you take the lead. People follow good leaders because they want to, not because they feel they should or because they think something bad may happen if they don’t.


My Leadership Communication programme will help you to:


  • ‘Model’ your own skills on a leader – or leaders – that you admire
  • Solve senior-level problems using easy-to-follow tools designed for complex decision making
  • Give presentations or informal talks in an authoritative, knowledgeable way – using language devices which appeal to the varied personality types in any audience
  • Employ collaborative language to gain agreement
  • Use language ‘softeners’ to enable to you to ask challenging questions in a constructive manner
  • Deal with challenges from teams
  • Manage relationships – including difficult ones
  • Build your own leadership brand personal PR within the business and externally
  • Devise your own personal leadership development plan based on your individual strengths and aspirations


Do you want to be firm – without coming across as bossy? Or do you have people who would like to make more impact professionally?

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