Pitching for Business

In the collaborative age of social media and content sharing where everyone has a voice, a subtle change has occurred in the grammar and etiquette of pitching for business. We’ve moved on from wanting to be talked at. When it comes to winning business, the days of the pushy pitch are over.


In Pitching for Business, we cover the following:


  • Effective techniques to prepare for each pitch
  • Verbal and non-verbal devices to create and build rapport throughout each pitch
  • Questioning techniques to access key needs, drivers and motivators among potential clients (set against preconceived ideas of client needs)
  • Influential language patterns to build trust and demonstrate understanding of key requirements
  • Speaking with integrity, based on an honest assessment of what you’re able to offer, without coming across as pushy or ‘salesy’
  • Maintaining engagement using narratives and real life examples to maximum effect
  • Handling objections honestly, collaboratively, positively and persuasively
  • Leaving the pitch with a memorable key message which potential clients associate with you as well as the company you represent


Getting up and speaking to rooms full of people is now part and parcel of everyday business.

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