Influencing Meetings

Most people think they go to too many meetings. And some meetings can be frustrating. This workshop is designed to help staff at all levels to exert their influence around the table – internally and externally. Whether your attendance at any given meeting is essential, quite important – or simply a ‘nice to have’ – you will learn to:


  • Prepare effectively in advance
  • Use language designed to make a business-like impact in a corporate environment
  • Interrupt effectively and respectfully – including when an extrovert is speaking
  • Sit in the most appropriate place around the table, according to your own personality type
  • Couch what you are going to say in concise and memorable terms
  • Say at the end of the meeting what you feel you didn’t quite get a chance to say properly at the time
  • Say ‘I don’t know’ if you’re caught out
  • Ask what you fear may be a ‘stupid’ question in a way which will gain support from others in attendance
  • Be assertive and present in remote meetings (eg down a line or via video link)


Are you building a senior team? Or do you want to polish up your own leadership communication?

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