Conference and Guest Speaker Bookings

Come to one of  my conference or guest speaker appearances and prepare to have your face read, even if you’re sitting in the audience.

As a popular psychology expert, I combine my in-depth knowledge with fun and entertaining demonstrations of how people ‘talk’ to each other without realising, how to access people’s thoughts by looking at the way their eyes move and how to persuade people round to your way of thinking using sophisticated verbal and non-verbal communication.

I am also a former Executive Producer at the BBC and in commercial broadcasting, and have plenty of entertaining stories about what goes on behind the scenes – all tied in with my specialist knowledge about the way people behave.

I set out to make sure my corporate appearances are both a show and an education. I can do this either as a host or by presenting a breakout session. By the time you go home, you’ll be dying to try out my ways to get served at the bar when it’s crowded, use your body language to get through the crowd on a busy train, make a long flight feel shorter  – and how to master the psychological ‘autopilots’ that control our instinctive behaviour both at home and at work.

I have appeared as an expert contributor on BBC1, BBC2, Channel 5, Sky News and BBC radio.


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