Challenging Bad Behaviour



As Hollywood, Westminster and now some leading global charities investigate reports of sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation – this subject is, rightly, moving up the agenda for employers. Calling out bad behaviour can be tough. It’s hard to be the first person to ‘stick your neck out’. Self-doubt can creep in – and you fear rejection by your peers for ‘over-reacting’ or being a ‘killjoy’.

This short, interactive, one-hour session is designed to:


  • Give staff techniques to overcome self-doubt
  • Explain the common psychological obstacles to intervening
  • Introduce staff to decision making devices to help them work out whether – and how – to take action
  • Run through easy-to-remember language patterns to challenge bad behaviours in an assertive way


Includes body language and other non-verbal communication techniques to reinforce the spoken word

I am currently running this training for a number of clients. Click here for details of how my ‘Active Bystander’ workshop is the cornerstone of a major culture change project for thousands of staff and students at Imperial College, London.

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